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Where Are They Now: Lisa


Name: Lisa Gilbert

Year Cheered: 1990.

Current Occupation: AP psychology teacher at Park Vista High School in Palm Beach County

Accomplishments: Won 1st place in the Governor’s Council for Excellence in teaching economics for 3 years – 2009, 2011, 2012. FAU Alumni Educator of the Year 2011. National Board Educator

Most memorable “off field” MDC experience: It was a great experience and a lot of fun. I met great people. I made it to the top 40 and was then cut. I decided to try out the following year, knowing at the very least it would be another fun experience and I’d get to meet other great people, and I made it!

Most memorable “on field” MDC experience: Performing in the “Big Egg” in Tokyo!

Most valuable lesson learned as an MDC: Believe in yourself, work hard, and enjoy yourself while not taking yourself too seriously!

It’s an honor to have been a Dolphins Cheerleader! Thank you for the experience then and now!!

MDC Alumni Alena to be Featured on FYI Channel

Alena Capra

Alumnus Alena Capra will be a featured designer in a new reality TV series highlighting the home renovation of row houses in Cincinnati, OH.  Watch for her, and her teammate Anya, this Wednesday, August 13 at 8:00 p.m. on FYI channel.

Alena Capra 2


“Rowhouse Showdown” features renovation super star Carter Oosterhouse leading three teams through 10 one-hour episodes, as they battle it out to transform identical row houses in Cincinnati, Ohio. Each team comprised of renovation veterans is assigned a row house and the challenge to debut one refurbished room each week. The goal is to rehab the entire property and regenerate the dilapidated communities to their original historic splendor. The team with the highest property evaluation will go home with the grand prize of $50,000 and a spread in Dwell. They’ll have to get their hands dirty, get creative and get through a renovation showdown with their partner in tow.

Where Are They Now: Tiffany

Tiffany THEN & NOW

Name: Tiffany Pearl

Years Cheered: 2005, 2007-2010
Captain and 2010 Pro Bowl Cheerleader

Most memorable “on field” MDC experience:   Stepping out onto the field was special for me every game! The adrenalin I would get lining up to start our pre-game performance where we charged the field was always one of my favorite parts of game day.

One more specific memorable moment would be when I was announced Pro Bowl cheerleader. It was always a dream of mine and I remember them showing a short videos on the jumbo-tron just as we were set to perform an end zone dance. With all eyes on the screen, when we realized what they were about to announce its seemed like the whole world was frozen around me until I heard my name. After it was announced we jumped right into performing and that might have been my most energetic full out performance ever. The excitement I was feeling at that moment is so special and definitely unforgettable.

Most memorable “off field” MDC experience:  As a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader we get to have many “once in a lifetime” type of experiences. During my time on the team I was fortunate enough to be able to travel on two military tours overseas to perform for our troops. These trips gave us the opportunity to bring a piece of home to our soldiers and brighten their day. We have done so many unique things while on tours such as ride in Bradley’s, Black Hawks, participate in military trainings and see parts of the world I couldn’t have dreamed of. For me the memories I shared with my teammates during these trips were by far my most memorable off fields experiences.

Most valuable lesson learned as an MDC: During my time on the team I learned a number of valuable lessons. From the importance of having confidence in yourself to learning how to communicate with people of all cultures, the Miami dolphins really helped me grow into the women I am today. The interaction you share with up to 40 women on a daily basis really helps to develop your communication skills and made me a more well-rounded culturally educated person.

Current Occupation:  I currently own my own business called Miss Fanatic where I sell apparel and accessories to the sports industry including the NCAA and most recently the NBA. When cheering for the Miami Dolphins I saw a void in the market for fashionable women’s sports apparel. The Director asked me to create some looks for an upcoming show which received an overwhelming response and requests for purchase. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases and that audience wasn’t getting the attention it deserved. Women fans want to show support for their team year round and my collection is designed with that in mind. I offer items that can take you from the beach to game day or even a night out on the town. The Miss Fanatic brand contributes to the excitement and support communities across the country share for their teams.

Accomplishments:  As I reflect back I think of some of my accomplishments such as obtaining my bachelor’s degree and graduating with honors, cheering for the Miami dolphins in the NFL, dancing for the Orlando magic in the NBA, traveling the world and having a great circle of loving supportive family and friends are all major accomplishments for me. But the hardest one yet has been the development and execution of my company Miss Fanatic. Seeing the company grown into a thriving nationally known business is very rewarding. Success starts with a vision and a plan, It also takes passion and relentless drive. For me if you believe in yourself and are persistent on achieving your goals you can accomplish anything.  I had always dreamed of owning my own company and have now made that dream a reality.

MISS FANATIC in the running for a grant and how to vote:  I have lots of goals and growth plans for the future of my company and have recently entered into a contest for the opportunity to be granted $250,000 for the business!  The grant money would afford me the means to bring on additional team members to help develop, execute, grow and expose the business to a larger audience. If you could please share your support and go to the Chase link at and type in my company name MISS FANATIC your vote would be extremely appreciated! Votes must be submitted by 11/15/13 and you need a Facebook account to vote. Thank you for your support Dolphin fans and GO FINS!!

Check out our site at

MDC Alumni and the Dolphins Cycling Challenge

 Marcie Siegel layered

This year one of our alumnus, Marcie Siegel (MDC 1990-1992), is taking on the challenge of riding 170 miles in the Dolphins Cycling Challenge and raising money to help in the fight against cancer.

Here is her story:

The reason why I decided to do the DCC is that I am an avid cyclist, a Dolphins supporter and I have experienced the loss of two amazing young women this year alone.

First, my friend, Molli Serrano, who passed away from pancreatic cancer this summer, was an inspiration to me.  She was an elite athlete and competed in Iron Man Kona (with cancer) last October.  She fought the disease with courage, strength and hope.

The other person is someone I looked up to. She was a highly regarded doctor in Harvard’s medical community.  Dr. Elizabeth A. Martinez, a Johns Hopkins-trained anesthesiologist and critical-care physician who worked in the prevention of hospital-acquired infections in surgical patients.  She was committed and passionate in her field.  Dr. Martinez was the author of more than 50 papers and spoke at medical conferences.  She was the co-author of the 2007 book, “Avoiding Common ICU Errors,” which was translated into three languages.

Both these women lived life to the fullest, made a difference in our society and left their families proud of their legacy.

I have decided to take on the 170-mile ride to challenge myself mentally and physically and to remember those who have lost their battle with cancer.  To prepare for this endurance ride I got up at 5:00 am four days a week.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I rode 35 miles before taking my daughter to school. Saturday and Sunday are my longer rides where I average 60 to 80 miles.

My hope is to bring awareness to cancer while doing something that I am passionate about which is to ride.


To support her ride, please click the link below:

The DCC’s mission is to serve by donating 100% of rider-raised funds to Sylvest

er, supporting healthy lifestyles, and encouraging community awareness and support of cancer research at Sylvester. In 2011, DCC II raised $1,070,000 for Sylvester, more than doubling the funds raised in the 2010 inaugural ride. Again in 2012, DCC doubled in ridership and in fundraising. The DCC presented a check for $2,200,000 to Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center on November 25th, 2012.

Shannon Ford DCC

This is the second year MDC alumni have participated in the ride and fund raising.  Last year, Shannon Ford (MCD 2001) rode in the Ft Lauderdale portion.   It was a special ride for her as she was riding in honor of another alumni, Christna Cousineau , one of the original 1978 Startbrites under the direction of June Taylor, who was living with cancer.  Christina lost her battle with the disease a few months after the DCC in 2012.  Shannon has said that riding for someone made the entire experience all the more special.  “Christina and her husband were waiting for me at Sun Life Stadium and cheered me on as I crossed the finish line.  I was fortunate to spend the afternoon with her and her family.  We kept in touch until her passing.  Though her cancer was incurable, she never gave up hope and I feel honored to have had the chance to get to know her.”  Shannon’s advices for alumni Marcie, “hydrate, pace yourself, thank the volunteers and have fun!”


MDC Alumni Continues to Support Community

julie kick

Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, Julie Kicklighter is a children’s book author. “F is for Football” is her second published book. “Baseball in the Bedroom” was her first book, with $1 for every book sold benefiting the Jamie Moyer Foundation.

Kicklighter currently serves as a MDC Ambassador, assisting with Miami Dolphins Youth Cheer Camps, game day fan relations and the Miami Dolphins Special Teams community outreach program.

julies bookSharing a passion to improve literacy and build a better future for the children in
South Florida, Mascot Books & Kicklighter will donate $1 for every F is for Football book sold directly to the Jason Taylor Foundation.

As a former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, Kicklighter understands the importance of giving back to this community. The F is for Football book is now available for purchase online at Mascot Books,, Barnes & Noble and other online

5 MDC Alumni Compete in Miss Florida Pageants


Three Alumni Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders were contestants in the Miss Florida USA pageant while two Alumni competed in the Miss Florida America pageant this July.


In the Miss Florida USA pageant, Monica, a former four-year veteran (2008-2011), represented as Miss Pembroke Pines.  Vanessa, a former two-year veteran (2010-2011), represented as Miss Magic City and one-year cheerleader Alexis (2008), represented as Miss Miami Lakes.


In the Miss Florida America pageant, Natalie, a former four-year veteran (2009-2012), represented as Miss FIU while Alex, a former one-year veteran (2010) represented Miss Boca Raton.


“This experience not only provided me with the opportunity to win scholarship money, but the chance to speak about my platform ‘Helping V.E.T.S Veterans Encouraged Through Service’ and opportunity to meet and bond with forty six intelligent and inspiring young women,” says alumni Natalie.  “I am so thankful for everyone that helped me through this new journey and for all of the motivational individuals I met along the way.”


“We are so proud to see our alumni continue to be ambassadors of their communities.  All five ladies are beautiful and competed well!  We wish them the best as they represent their city titles throughout the rest of the year.”  Stated Director Emily Snow


Additionally, working behind the scenes, former MDC Marjorie (2012), was a commentator for WPLG, Channel 10, interviewing candidates behind the scenes!

Alumni Mireya Featured On PBS Web Series


Former Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Mireya Mayor discusses her life as a National Geographic Correspondent on the Emmy-nominated PBS/NOVA web-series The Secret Life of Scientists.   

In a series of three short films, Mayor tells us about her overprotective mother (who wouldn’t let her join the Girl Scouts because it was too “dangerous”), her life as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, discovering a new species of mouse lemur, her encounter with guerrillas in the jungle and having her canoe overturned by an enormous river otter.

WATCH:  “A Born Explorer,” “30 Second Science,” and “10 Questions for Mireya Mayor”

Watch MDC Alumnus Brenda On Survivor, Again!

For more photos, click here!

Alumni Brenda Lowe (2004, 2005) is at it again, taking on the SURVIVOR Challenge.  At age 30 she has participated in both CBS shows Survivor: Nicaragua and Survivor: Caramoan.  In Survivor: Nicaragua she was the 11th castaway voted out and became the 3rd Jury Member.  A few seasons later she was invited to return for the Survivor Caramoan, and can be watched on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm EST.

“This is my second time playing the game and I opted for an entirely new strategy which has gotten me farther in the game than my first time on Survivor Nicaragua.  Woohoo!” Brenda has said, and hopes the Miami Dolphins fans will watch her compete for the million dollar prize!

Past, Present and Future MDC Halftime!

Where are They Now – Darlayna

Name:  Darlayna Campbell (Minimi)

Years with MDC: 1992 – 1998

First MDC Audition:  My first MDC audition was terrifying!  I was so shy and unprepared.  My mom mentioned when I was 18 I should try out.  When I reached that age, the director at the time had a height requirement of 5’7″ or above.  I stand all of 5’3″, so that dream was shattered quickly.  However, once I turned 21, a new director (Kathy Shashaty) was taking over the squad and that rule wasn’t as important but still mentioned.  I remember it like it was yesterday when she said, “you’re tiny, so it’s going to be tough.”  I didn’t make the team that year, being cut after the second round.  I knew then that I needed experience to gain the confidence that I lacked.   I ended up in a dance troupe and performing at local venues.  At the next year’s audition, I made it!  What an awesome accomplishment.

Most memorable “on field” MDC experience:  One of my most memorable moments on the sidelines has to be, “all of the moments”.  I know that sounds kind of corny, but am I right?

Most memorable “off field” MDC experience:  I will never forget my “off the field” moment as an MDC.  It was game day Sunday and after one of our home games, I was scheduled to do an appearance at a restaurant/club in Ft. Lauderdale.  I thought it was so crazy that we had to do this after a game but I was also excited as the appearance was at the place I met my boyfriend at the time.  To make a long story short, there were about 12 of us in our cheerleader warm ups, as we gathered on the stage for a “group photo,” my boyfriend walked up in front of us all and proposed to me!  Everyone was in on it, thanks to our director, Dorie!

Most valuable lesson learned as an MDC: One of the most valuable lessons that I learned as an MDC is that if you try hard and truly want something, you should go for it, even if the odds are stacked against you.  Keep giving it your all and you will be so happy you did!

Current Occupation: My occupation for the past 8 years has been a stay at home mom for my 3 kids!  I thought being an MDC was demanding, but nothing can compare to the exhaustion that goes with this job!

Accomplishments:  So many of my greatest and memorable accomplishments came from being a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.  Making the squad as we all know is a HUGE accomplishment, then to be selected my 2nd year to represent the squad at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii was such an honor!   Moving into my 3rd year, I was selected as a captain and received the “Veteran of the Year” award.  The accomplishment to work as our director, Dorie’s Assistant for 7 years following being a cheerleader was a dream come true!  But again, as amazing as this time was in my life, nothing can compare to the accomplishment of being a MOM!


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