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Mariah Is Having The Time Of Her Life


Wow! It’s the fifth game of the home season smack dab in the middle of Pinktober. It feels like only yesterday we were back in training camp learning and perfecting our skills for the approaching season. Now we’re midway through the season. I’m wondering how it could be possible for time to move so fast!

I find that the nights before game day I can barely sleep! I mean, who can?! The excitement of cheering on the field as well as the nerves of performing in front of all the fans keeps me awake! So needless to say I start this morning on with a nice big cup of coffee! The hours leading up to kickoff start to wind down pretty fast, and the closer we get the more pumped I become.

We step onto the field sporting our pink pom poms and boot covers in support of breast cancer awareness, which is a cause near and dear to my heart. Seeing as breast cancer affects 1 in 8 U.S. women over the course of her lifetime, what better motivation do I need? I mean, besides aqua and orange, pink is my all time favorite color anyways!

Walking out of the tunnel for our pregame performance means game on! Let the fun begin! For our halftime show we performed with a group of extremely talented dancers from Show Stoppers studio under the direction of Susie Garcia and the incredible Nicole Henry  who sang a cover for “I’m Every Woman” I was so honored to be entertaining the fans beside them all. We even incorporated pink sun hats into our routine!

The rest of the game is just a truly heart pumping experience. I’m literally having the time of my life out there cheering on our Miami Dolphins. And I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful for that opportunity. I have the best seat in the entire house, . What a thrilling game it was! Down to the very last second. I honestly can’t wait for next football Sunday to roll around.


Taylor Is Passionate About Being A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader


I woke up on Sept. 21 feeling both excited and refreshed and ready for a great game. The game against the Kansas City Chiefs was our “Aqua Out” game. We received new pom poms and shorts to join the crowd in turning the stadium into a sea of aqua.

Before the game, we had an appearance which consisted of a short dance performance to get the crowd hyped up. As we lined up to perform I could see the stands filling up with our fans in their aqua.

There is not just one word that describes the feeling of cheering on the Miami Dolphins and our Dolfans make the experience special. We truly have the most amazing fans.

Throughout the game, looking up into the sea of fans wearing their aqua to support our team made me realize how special and once in a lifetime this experience really is.

Dance and cheer has not only been a hobby of mine, but also a passion. It is such an amazing and surreal feeling being on the sidelines cheering on the Miami Dolphins with such talented young women. I am so blessed be part of such an amazing organization.

Thank you,

First Game for Allison

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The first game of the regular season was finally here!  It was the game that I had waited for all summer.  I had the perfect mix of anxiety and excitement as my car approached the stadium.  What better way to start off the season than against our rivals the New England Patriots?  As I pulled into the parking lot around 10 a.m. and already saw hundreds of tailgaters excited for game day, that’s when it truly hit me.  We have the best fans in the world, and as a cheerleader, I have the amazing opportunity to bring joy and excitement to all the Dolfans out there!  It is such an incredible blessing to be a part of this amazing organization.

As I entered the tunnel before making our entrance onto the field, I could already hear the roar of the crowd.  It was so loud that I could feel the energy rushing through my veins.  After our opening routine we lined up at the end of the field for the player introductions.  The sound of the pyrotechnics and the blasts of heat from the fire torches made the pregame even more memorable.  Afterwards, when we lined up at the end zone, the announcer stated that everyone in the stadium would be the voice of our national anthem.  Hearing everyone in the crowd join in and sing at the top of their lungs was a true feeling of patriotism.

During halftime, we had the privilege of being able to dance alongside four talented women from the hit TV show “The Voice!”  It was an amazing production.  When the routine was finished we headed back over to our sidelines.  I had so many different emotions as our team began to take the lead.  The crowd was going wild!  It was an unforgettable feeling to see the fans dancing along with us to our famous fight song.

Before we knew it the game had come to an end.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun!  The Dolphins had defeated the Patriots 33-20!  With the help of everyone in the Dolphins community, we definitely proved that we are all Stronger Together!  I cannot wait to be back out there cheering on the greatest football team!

Until then, FINS UP!


Second Game For Marina


August 28 marked my second game day as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader but more importantly, this was the day the Miami Dolphins concluded their 2014 preseason schedule. That night’s opponent was the St. Louis Rams.

The cheerleaders and I have been preparing for this season since the end of May. You never really know if you’re truly prepared until the task at hand is done.   So, on that note, it’s safe to say that I took in every ounce of advice that I could possibly get during training and practice such as, “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” “Double check your game day checklist,” “Give yourself more than enough time to arrive,” “Get your beauty rest” and of course, “Go over your routines because you do not know them as well as you think”.  One of the most valuable pieces of advice I received thus far as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader is  “Being early means being on time and being on time means being late.”  Those words will always linger in my mind as I prepare for practices, appearances, and especially game days.

After hydrating  (they don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing!) and getting a good night’s sleep on Wednesday night, it was finally time to get into game day mode.  I made sure that I continued to hydrate as I ate a healthy breakfast to start my day off right.  I curled my hair, did my make-up, polished my boots, packed my bag and hopped in the car.  I was off to Sun Life Stadium, of course way earlier than my call time because Miami traffic can be a dreadful thing some days.

It’s always exciting arriving to the stadium on game day because the dedicated fans are piling into the parking lots as eager as I am for kickoff.  Prior to going out on the field with my team, we always circle up and link arms for a positive pep talk and prayer.  This moment works wonders on game day; it calms everyone down, it gets my head in the game, and it makes me so grateful to be on such an amazing cheerleading team for the best NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.  One last stretch and make-up touch up and it was time to hit the field!

This was the second home game for me being on the team but man oh man, it felt like the first time.  I honestly feel like every time I step foot onto this field will feel like the first time because it is the most amazing feeling in the entire world to see all of the smiling Dolfans out in the stands.  This game was particularly special to me because it was the first time my mom and my step-dad got to see me cheering on the field in uniform.

Our pregame performance went well and it was already second quarter. The Rams were in the lead but we didn’t get our hopes up.  Whenever I am on the sideline and I find myself getting hot or a little tired I just glance around me and think to myself how lucky I am to be here on this field right now working with this amazing organization.  The screaming fans, the hard-working players, my beautiful teammates, and the sunny skies above make me smile bigger than anything else could ever make me smile.

This final preseason game was so intense because the Rams were in the lead 13-0 until the fourth quarter.  With a little over six minutes left, the Dolphins rallied and beat the Rams 14-13.  The cheerleaders and fans were going absolutely wild. The Miami Dolphin’s Fight Song was blaring and that only means one thing…victory!  Moments like these make my life seem like such a dream, I couldn’t be more grateful.



Raquel Appreciates the Whole Season


Wow! The 10th home game of the season. I cannot believe time went by as fast as it did.  It sounds so cliché but to me it is still so surreal that I am able to cheer and perform in front of thousands of fans.  Cheering at every game always gives me a thrilling feeling but knowing this was our last home game of the season made this such an emotional day.

I started off with my regular routine waking up at 7:00am to get my hair and makeup ready and then car pool with my teammates.  Throughout the morning, my teammates were sending out text messages reminding us how long and memorable this journey has been and how grateful they were to have the team we have today.

Once I got to the stadium, I began unpacking my belongings and putting them in my locker. I just started looking around and started to take everything in and I smiled because of how happy I was to have experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with this organization.

Once the cheerleaders and I practiced our performances, we huddled up and prayed as we always do. It was a great moment for me and I really felt the energy. I was ecstatic to step onto the field for the last time as a rookie.

As we stepped on the field for our pre-game performance, I reminded myself of all the hard work I had put in order to be where I am standing today and it gave me such a warm feeling.  We then performed and got ready to split up into our groups.  My group and I did great. We were all just so excited. We were pumping up the crowd, dancing at all times and just enjoying the game.

This has been truly an amazing experience I will forever be grateful for the memories this journey has brought me.  My group ended up being group of the game and it was such a nice way to end this game.  Although we didn’t come out with a win it was a good game and we had such a great season full of heart and passion.  Hope to see you on the sidelines next season as a veteran, and remember FINS UP!


Unbelievable Game For Jacki


At 7:30am on a Sunday morning, the average person would be hitting the snooze button on their alarm clock, thinking ‘anyone awake at this hour is insane’…but that person is not your average Miami Dolphins fan, and certainly not one of your Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders.

Before my alarm even went off at 7:30am on December 15, I jumped out of bed and looked over the gorgeous Miami skyline, taking in what a gorgeous day it was for one of our most important and highly anticipated games of the season.

Every game day is exciting for a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, but this particular game had that much more excitement added to it.  December 15, 2013. We had been told from the very beginning that not only was this a sold out game with an amazing MDC halftime performance, but a win for our Miami Dolphins would be crucial in bringing us that much closer to a playoffs spot. #itsourtime.

Driving around the Turnpike and seeing Sun Life Stadium sends chills of excitement through me since first auditioning for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders back in April. It is incredible how quickly this season has flown by…to think that we only have a few weeks left is bittersweet.

Before the game, our entire squad does various appearances throughout the stadium.  For this particular game all of the MDC’s gathered toys for the Toys for Tots organization, and my group was fortunate enough to be able to present the gifts to the Marines on behalf of the entire team.  It is an amazing feeling to be part of such a renowned organization that generously gives back to the community.

Our halftime performance was the much-anticipated “Partner Half-Time Dance” where girls on the team performed a routine in our gorgeous Santa Suits with a partner of their choice.  Some of our lovely MDC alumni joined myself and four other current cheerleaders on the field at the beginning to perform a lyrical dance to Toby Keith’s “American Soldier”, as a tribute to our troops.  This performance sent an emotional and meaningful message, which left the crowd standing on their feet in applause. It’s these moments that I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I feel to be a part of this organization, doing what I love in front of thousands of fans.

Throughout the entire game the Dolphins were toe-to-toe with the Patriots, who we have not defeated since 2009.  It was evident throughout Sun Life Stadium that our boys were hungry and not going home without a fight. And fight they did…the last 27 seconds of this game felt like the longest 27 seconds of my life! The stadium was filled with 72,000 fans standing on their feet until the very last second, when our Dolphins defense held strong and ended the game with an interception in the end zone! Sun Life Stadium literally erupted with cheers as we proved to everyone that we deserve a chance at the playoffs!

December 15, 2013.  A game that I will never forget, spent with the most amazing teammates and the best fans in the NFL!  I can’t wait to see you on the sidelines for the Jets!

Fins Up!

Still a Win for Jacey

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As I pulled up to Sun Life Stadium, I couldn’t help but think that there’s only three home games left in the season. I just can’t wrap my head around it.  Hard to believe the cheerleaders and I have been at this since May 1st.  Time flies when you’re having fun, right?

Everything feels like a routine by now.  We arrive at the stadium before call time, attend our assigned appearances around the stadium, and rehearse our game day performances, all before it’s time to take the field for pre-game.  The seconds we have waiting in the tunnel begin to feel like eternity as my nerves run wild, just as they did my very first game.  That is one thing that will never feel like the normal routine: being out on the field.

Words can’t describe the feeling I get when I look into the stands and see the thousands upon thousands of roaring fans.  Still feels almost surreal that I’m here.  The Season 1 winner of X-Factor, Melanie Amaro, sang our National Anthem.  Chills ran over my entire body.  That girl can seriously sing!  It was then just moments until kick-off and I could practically hear the adrenaline running through everyone’s veins.

This was a huge game!  With playoffs right around the corner, we needed a win, and I could feel it coming.  The first half of the game was awesome!  A blocked field goal, an interception, I couldn’t tell you how hard it is to keep your composure on the sidelines during a game like this.

At halftime, the cheerleaders and I had the opportunity to perform with the AcroAmericas.  They are an acrobatic exhibition team made of high school students that perform for audiences around the world, and we were lucky enough to share the field with them!  Their routine consisted of intricate stunts, flips, pyramids and more.  You will never see us climbing on top of one another’s shoulders with those boots, so it was definitely a half time to see!

As the last half of the game slowly came to an end, with just seconds left we were down by 4.  We all held our breaths and our eyes stayed peeled on the field hoping for a touchdown.  Unfortunately, the Carolina Panthers were able to take the win by the skin of their teeth!  It would’ve been a great game to win, but win or lose, being a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins will always be a win in my book.

See you on the sidelines,

Kelly’s Proud To Be An American

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After celebrating Veteran’s Day, the stage was set for the Dolphins vs. Chargers game on November 17th, which served as our Military Appreciation game.

As I arrived at the stadium, the sky was crystal blue and the temperature was just perfect (it’s finally beginning to feel like fall in South Florida!). There seemed to be a different buzz in the air. Perhaps it was all of the women and men in uniform. The cheerleader locker room was also filled with excitement. There is a lot of preparation behind the scenes and we couldn’t wait to share it all with the fans.

Prior to each game, we perform for the fans in the Ford Sideline Lounge. Our “Every Day Hero”, 1LT Nathan Rimpf, joined us in our studio for the performance. Nathan served as Infantry Platoon Leader with the First Infantry Division and stepped on an IED while deployed in the Middle East in July 2012. Nathan revealed that he received a signed squad photo while he was hospitalized and how grateful he was. My teammates and I were beyond flattered as Nathan put his life in jeopardy for our country. Nathan’s positive energy was infectious and we were eager to take the field and perform!

After our pregame performance, our service members joined us on the field for the player introduction. As Darius Rucker sang the National Anthem, an American flag the size of the field was displayed. Immediately following the Anthem, there was a flyover, which gave me chills!

During the first quarter, we wore a camouflage military jacket and different hats, displaying the branches of our Armed Forces – Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. We performed our first end zone to “Danger Zone”. If you haven’t seen Top Gun, drop everything you’re doing and watch it! “Talk to me, Goose”.

For the halftime performance, we changed into 1800s inspired Solider Uniforms. The main attraction was the air show, we formed “USA” on the field and as the planes flew over we proudly waived our red, white, and blue pom poms.

Throughout the game, the Jumbotron displayed beautiful clips of men and women fighting and serving our country, as well as a live feed from Kandahar, Afghanistan. These elements coupled with all of the service members on the field and throughout the stands, solidified how blessed I am, due to their sacrifices. It was an honor to recognize these invaluable members of our community.

To top it off, we had a win! Ask any of my teammates and they’ll tell you how much I love the fight song and Jimmy Buffet’s “Fins”.  I proudly sang them as we left the field victorious!

Fins Up,

Chantal’s Halloween to Remember!


I can’t even explain the feeling of being a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.  On those sidelines, on that field, in the Sun Life stadium, it’s amazing.  Every game is just as thrilling as the last. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

of the cheerleaders were so pumped for the game to begin on October 31st, Halloween night, our home game was against the Cincinnati Bengals.  All

Since it was Halloween we had a very different pregame performance planned.  We had ‘glow-man’ suits on, and everyone in the stands was given flashing LED bracelets.  When the lights turned off, the bracelets illuminated the stadium.  Then, as the crowd roared, the fireworks went off, and lit up the night sky.  It was such an adrenaline rush.  What an opener, for such an amazing game ahead of us.

Once we were done with our opening act, we took the glow man suits off, and got to cheer on the sidelines with our skeleton costumes.  They were the cutest costumes ever.  We all just had so much fun dancing in them.  It was definitely a Halloween to remember.

I mean, how many other people get to do something they love for an audience, and have fun while doing it!  Speaking of things I love, I especially was excited for our end zone performance in our skeleton costumes.  The dance was super creative, matched the music and everything else about the performance made it a spectacular production to watch.

Guess what else?  During halftime, we had John Offerdahl’s Honor Roll induction ceremony!  All of the cheerleaders escorted an Alumni player out to the field, and it was just an honor to be a part of this ceremony.  It’s so fulfilling to be a part of this amazing team, and share these moments with the whole Miami Dolphins organization.

As if the game couldn’t have gotten any more exciting, the players were working hard on that field, and fighting for a win.  All the fans in the stands were pumping up the stadium, screaming their loudest and giving motivation to our team.  The game ended up going into overtime, and this was actually the first time I’ve cheered a game into overtime.  At this point, my adrenaline was at an all-time high.

To put the cherry-on-top, Dolphins won 22 – 20, in overtime!  It was the third overtime safety in NFL history that won the game.  Everyone jumped out of their seats.  Myself along with my teammates were going crazy with excitement.  It is definitely our time Dolfans!

See you on the sidelines!

Feels Like the First Time for Alexis

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This was my fifth official game of the season, yet every time I go out on the field it feels like the first. Every moment of the time I am out there cheering for my team feels like a dream.  Having this amazing experience to be out on the field has been nothing like I have ever expected.

While performing the pregame routine, every game gets me so excited, and my adrenalin pumping.  Watching how excited our fans are gets me even more excited and ready to perform.   While waiting for the amazing Miami Dolphins football players to come out, I look around the stadium and every time I cant believe how lucky I am to be where I am.  It is truly a blessing.

This game we had such a fun end zone performance. It was to one of my favorite songs “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie.  The dance was so upbeat; everyone was having the time of their lives.

The end of the game was bittersweet.  It was such a close game everyone was cheering for our amazing team. Even though we didn’t win this game it was very exciting and the team played a great game and we had lots to cheer about.

Until next time!

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