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Adrianna M. first season as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader


My first season as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader has been a life experience that will forever change me in the most amazing way!

My journey began the moment my name was called at auditions to represent and join the best organization and squad in the NFL. At this point I was so thankful for the opportunity to embark on a new adventure. Not only is it a dream come true, it is absolutely an honor and a privilege to be a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader.

There have been so many incredible experiences throughout my rookie year. I have to honestly say that every day is memorable. There is no greater joy than to prepare and perform for our fans with over 40 beautiful ladies. It began with training camp which was a time of learning new techniques and perfecting our skills for the season. It was a new environment where I was able to get to know my teammates better and learn more about myself. Soon after was the squad photo shoot. WOW! That day was the day I realized that I was truly part of this wonderful organization. It was a great bonding experience with the girls I call my “sisters”.

We start the week practicing and preparing for the games ahead. The popping in the ears will never get old when walking into the training facility for practice.  It’s here where we physically and mentally prepare for what’s ahead of us.  And then there is the day we are all anticipating….GAMEDAY! Driving to Sun Life Stadium on game day is loaded with Miami Dolphins flags on vehicles and fans waving to you as you approach the stadium. The stadium is plentiful of Dolfans awaiting the game. As I make my way into the parking lot, it is with pleasure to talk with some of the fans and take pictures with them.  I approach the locker room to join my teammates to prepare for our exciting day. We attend our assigned appearances throughout the stadium for our fans.

Then the moment we have all been waiting for begins in the tunnel. Butterflies and excitement fill me as we begin our way on the field for our pregame performance.  There are no words to describe the feeling of being out on that field with thousands of roaring Dolfans in the stands. I actually feel the energy as the music plays and we perform our routines. I am amazed at how beautiful this moment is. As we line up for player introductions, I take a deep breath and take it all in and appreciate what I’m experiencing. From military jet flyovers, to the heat from the fire canons, to the ground shaking and to the excitement of the crowd, this moment is truly incredible!  My entire body fills with emotion during the National Anthem. It is so honorable to be here!  Making our way to the sidelines and cheering on our fans is worth it all!

This season has truly been a blessing, one that I will be forever grateful!  I’ve grown as a young woman and I am proud to represent the Miami Dolphins Organization. #strongertogether


XO,  Adrianna M.

Danica’s Unforgettable Game


Sunday, I was the first one into our locker room and the famous Miami Dolphins Cheerleading practice studio. For a few moments, it was neat to look around  by myself at the place that I had originally come for auditions just nine months before. This place has now evolved into a sense of home for our team. It’s always been a loud place full of life, so to sit in silence there gave me a different perspective. I was able to reflect on my first season and the tremendous journey it has been. We focus so much on perfecting all of our routines, line-ups and performances that I didn’t realize until this very moment that I will only be doing these one last time. As the girls starting entering and getting ready, I found myself taking the time to appreciate that moment with them. Each girl on the team went from being a stranger to now forming a group of sisters who understand not only how much hard work it takes to be on this team, but also how much we each have a love for it.

Entering for pregame, we stood in the tunnel awaiting to be announced. By this point, we already worked through our routines and were prepared to hit the field. This is such an exciting time, so I always take a few seconds to breathe deep and clear my mind for the thrilling game ahead. We started our performance on the field with the sun shining bright and a light breeze in the air. The perfect set up for our final game with anticipation in the air against our rival- the New York Jets. The activity along the sidelines is always action packed. From where we stand, we have the best “seats” in the house. Being able to watch the Dolphins so close is exhilarating!

One experience that I continually found myself wishing that I could share would be to actually feel the ground shake when the Dolphins made a tackle close by, or hearing the helmets and pads hit when the our defense made a stop. It’s incredible to then turn around to a full stadium of roaring fans. This game was especially exciting for the NFL and Miami Dolphins with the record breaking moments. Lamar Millar made history with his 97 yard touchdown run, the longest in Dolphins history and longest in the NFL since 2003. During this game, we also got to witness our quarterback Ryan Tannehill break Dan Marino’s record for most completions in a season for the Dolphins and pass for more than 4,000 yards. This game was just so memorable for myself and every person in the stadium. With the support of our fans, this made for an unforgettable time to be right in the center of the action.

I will definitely miss being able to meet and interact with so many memorable fans. These moments that I adore so much will now turn into a memory that I will always cherish. During the fourth quarter, I couldn’t help but look around at my teammates next to me and think about all of our hard work we put in and the happiness we gain from our job as a Miami Dolphin Cheerleader. I also kept looking up at the fans directly in front of us, the level beyond, and to the very top. I thought about how great it is that we get to come together and cheer on the best organization in the NFL. It takes so many elements and people to make game day so special, and today was the ultimate unforgettable finale to the 2014 Miami Dolphins season. #STRONGERTOGETHER


Hard Work Pays Off For Alyssa


Since making the team as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, my Sundays have been quite a bit different.  Normally I would hang out with my family and friends waiting until 1 p.m. to watch the Dolphins play. But this year I’m in the middle of all the action.  It’s a surreal experience walking out of the tunnel to see 70,000 Dolfans in white, orange and aqua all screaming with excitement and anticipation for our team to take the field.  Being a part of this organization is a dream come true. All the hard work really pays off every Sunday when I put on my uniform and take the field.

This past Sunday was no different, its week 14 and the Dolphins are right in the middle of the playoff hunt.  I arrive at the stadium at 10:30 a.m. to see our fans already out and tailgating.  Walking to the stadium, I take pleasure in meeting and talking with some of the fans and taking pictures with them before I prepare for the game.  When I enter the locker room I see some of the girls getting ready and it still hits me, how lucky I am to be here. It’s a feeling that doesn’t seem to go away even after all these months.

Walking through the tunnel with my teammates we can feel that this isn’t just another game.  The Baltimore Ravens were tied with us in our conference so this game was going to be pivotal in determining our future in the playoffs.  There was a greater sense of passion from the fans.  We walk out to the field and the fans stand and cheer as we perform our routine. The squad lines up for player introductions and the game begins!!!

The Dolphins jump out to a commanding 10-0 lead over the Ravens and the feeling in the stadium is intense.  I always enjoy cheering on the sidelines but when the team’s doing well and the fans are going crazy like they were in this game. It takes it to a whole other level.  Once again, I get an overwhelming feeling of pride to be here doing what I’m doing. The rest of the game didn’t go as smoothly as we lost control of the lead and unfortunately lost to the Ravens.  My squad and I kept dancing to lift the fans spirits until the final whistle.

Being on this team has really been a life changing experience, one that I’ll cherish and talk about for the rest of my life.  I’m proud to represent my team every Sunday on the field or when I’m out in the community.  We will be back next Sunday to avenge this defeat and continue to make our run for the playoffs.  Go Fins!


- Alyssa




Military Appreciation Game Was Most Rewarding Experience For Kristan



The military appreciation game was my favorite, most exciting and rewarding game thus far this season. We take for granted coming home and hugging our loved ones, talking about our day, celebrating holidays together, and, last but not least, watching football games with friends and family.

I was born 24 years ago on an Air Force installation during the Gulf War crisis because my dad was on active duty and packed to deploy. Growing up, I have a lot of memories that stand out about the military. We moved every three years and my dad wasn’t always present, but I had faith he would come home every time. When you are in the military, home is not a place where you physically reside, but a place where you make memories when you are together. The one constant memory that is near and dear to my heart is that I was taught integrity, love, respect, and the sacrifices these courageous men and women make each day for our freedom.

As I walked onto the field, my familiar goose bumps took over when I saw all the military branches wear their uniforms proudly. This feeling of appreciation once again reminded me how special it is coming together to sing our national anthem. It was an honor sharing the field with those who put their lives on the line so that we may live in freedom. It brought chills and tears of thankfulness to my eyes when I saw our American flag wave during the firework display to celebrate the home of the brave.

All of the military members were so thrilled to be a part of the player intro and our players surely showed their appreciation for the military during this game. The Dolphins were relentless and won by standing firm and never giving up. Having this opportunity to cheer for such a persevering team and being able to bring joy and smiles to the lives of others through dance makes me feel incredibly blessed. As a ‘Dolphins Nation’ we know that nothing is possible without the teammate next to you, which is also a key trait that the military holds. These are our heroes not just today, but everyday… we really are stronger together. We salute to your service!


Being a Dolphins Cheerleader Is A Dream Come True For Lauren


I am truly overwhelmed with emotion as I think back to this past Sunday’s game. The sun in the sky, not a cloud in sight and the crisp, cool air made it the perfect fall day for a football game!

I arrived to the stadium around 8:30 a.m. to prepare for the Girls Scout Camp. This event allowed young girls from all over the state to come onto the field, learn a dance and perform as the music boomed throughout the stadium. Their faces lit up and their smiles took over the field as their parents watched proudly. I felt a little hand grab mine and as I looked down to see a young girl’s beaming face. She said quietly “I want to be just like you girls one day.” What an incredible opportunity to be a role model and a positive influence in the lives of these young girls! The heart that this organization has for the community is just one of many reasons that I love the Miami Dolphins.

As if it couldn’t get any better, we began to prepare for the game. The energy in the locker room and in the studio was ecstatic! My favorite part of preparing for a game is the time when all of the cheerleaders and the staff form a big circle in the studio and we say a prayer. We take a minute to focus and remember why we do what we do. We are thankful for the blessings we get to share on game day and for the opportunity we have been given to bring “joy and entertainment in the lives of others.” Talk about getting geared up for kick-off!

Then it is time to make our way towards the field! Walking through the tunnel still feels surreal and every time I step onto the field is like a dream come true. My body is overcome with adrenaline as the music starts. I spend the next few hours trying to take in every moment and striving to perform with perfection. It is a feeling that is truly difficult to put into words.

This Sunday’s game had a surprise that flooded the stadium with tears of joy.  As the crowd applauded the Everyday Hero announced before halftime, an emotional video of 1st David Farquharson came on the Jumbotron. He was overseas and sending his love through a video message to his family on the field. In the middle of him talking, the connection started to fade. I was so sad thinking that technical difficulties were going to stand in the way of his beautiful message to his mother. Just then, he came back on the screen; only he wasn’t overseas, but on the field! It was amazing as he ran and embraced his mother! It was a surprise homecoming that I will never forget!

The halftime show for this game was the icing on the cake. Each cheerleader was allowed to ask a male guest to come perform with him or her on the field! Nervous and excited, my dad accepted! Due to loved ones being out of town, one cheerleader needed a partner. My older brother gladly stepped in and they flew down from Michigan to perform with the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders! They spent several days practicing with the team and rehearsed the routine countless times before the big show! Smiling at my dad as we did the “cha-cha” and “hitch-kick” up and down the 30-yard line, it is a memory that will last with me forever. How special to be on the field, doing what I love, with my family! Does it get any better than that?

Yes it does! The Miami Dolphins took a 37-0 win over the Chargers!

Not just being a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, but cheering at this game in particular, really opened my eyes to how much of a blessing this whole process has been. Sunday was the perfect game and to say I am thankful is a great understatement. I have tried to take in the magnitude of each moment throughout this process, but being able to dance every day, being part of a team full of amazing women and to serve as an ambassador in the south Florida community has truly been the opportunity of a lifetime. Fins up!

- Lauren

Mariah Is Having The Time Of Her Life


Wow! It’s the fifth game of the home season smack dab in the middle of Pinktober. It feels like only yesterday we were back in training camp learning and perfecting our skills for the approaching season. Now we’re midway through the season. I’m wondering how it could be possible for time to move so fast!

I find that the nights before game day I can barely sleep! I mean, who can?! The excitement of cheering on the field as well as the nerves of performing in front of all the fans keeps me awake! So needless to say I start this morning on with a nice big cup of coffee! The hours leading up to kickoff start to wind down pretty fast, and the closer we get the more pumped I become.

We step onto the field sporting our pink pom poms and boot covers in support of breast cancer awareness, which is a cause near and dear to my heart. Seeing as breast cancer affects 1 in 8 U.S. women over the course of her lifetime, what better motivation do I need? I mean, besides aqua and orange, pink is my all time favorite color anyways!

Walking out of the tunnel for our pregame performance means game on! Let the fun begin! For our halftime show we performed with a group of extremely talented dancers from Show Stoppers studio under the direction of Susie Garcia and the incredible Nicole Henry  who sang a cover for “I’m Every Woman” I was so honored to be entertaining the fans beside them all. We even incorporated pink sun hats into our routine!

The rest of the game is just a truly heart pumping experience. I’m literally having the time of my life out there cheering on our Miami Dolphins. And I couldn’t be more blessed and thankful for that opportunity. I have the best seat in the entire house, . What a thrilling game it was! Down to the very last second. I honestly can’t wait for next football Sunday to roll around.


Taylor Is Passionate About Being A Miami Dolphins Cheerleader


I woke up on Sept. 21 feeling both excited and refreshed and ready for a great game. The game against the Kansas City Chiefs was our “Aqua Out” game. We received new pom poms and shorts to join the crowd in turning the stadium into a sea of aqua.

Before the game, we had an appearance which consisted of a short dance performance to get the crowd hyped up. As we lined up to perform I could see the stands filling up with our fans in their aqua.

There is not just one word that describes the feeling of cheering on the Miami Dolphins and our Dolfans make the experience special. We truly have the most amazing fans.

Throughout the game, looking up into the sea of fans wearing their aqua to support our team made me realize how special and once in a lifetime this experience really is.

Dance and cheer has not only been a hobby of mine, but also a passion. It is such an amazing and surreal feeling being on the sidelines cheering on the Miami Dolphins with such talented young women. I am so blessed be part of such an amazing organization.

Thank you,

First Game for Allison

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The first game of the regular season was finally here!  It was the game that I had waited for all summer.  I had the perfect mix of anxiety and excitement as my car approached the stadium.  What better way to start off the season than against our rivals the New England Patriots?  As I pulled into the parking lot around 10 a.m. and already saw hundreds of tailgaters excited for game day, that’s when it truly hit me.  We have the best fans in the world, and as a cheerleader, I have the amazing opportunity to bring joy and excitement to all the Dolfans out there!  It is such an incredible blessing to be a part of this amazing organization.

As I entered the tunnel before making our entrance onto the field, I could already hear the roar of the crowd.  It was so loud that I could feel the energy rushing through my veins.  After our opening routine we lined up at the end of the field for the player introductions.  The sound of the pyrotechnics and the blasts of heat from the fire torches made the pregame even more memorable.  Afterwards, when we lined up at the end zone, the announcer stated that everyone in the stadium would be the voice of our national anthem.  Hearing everyone in the crowd join in and sing at the top of their lungs was a true feeling of patriotism.

During halftime, we had the privilege of being able to dance alongside four talented women from the hit TV show “The Voice!”  It was an amazing production.  When the routine was finished we headed back over to our sidelines.  I had so many different emotions as our team began to take the lead.  The crowd was going wild!  It was an unforgettable feeling to see the fans dancing along with us to our famous fight song.

Before we knew it the game had come to an end.  Time really does fly when you’re having fun!  The Dolphins had defeated the Patriots 33-20!  With the help of everyone in the Dolphins community, we definitely proved that we are all Stronger Together!  I cannot wait to be back out there cheering on the greatest football team!

Until then, FINS UP!


Second Game For Marina


August 28 marked my second game day as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader but more importantly, this was the day the Miami Dolphins concluded their 2014 preseason schedule. That night’s opponent was the St. Louis Rams.

The cheerleaders and I have been preparing for this season since the end of May. You never really know if you’re truly prepared until the task at hand is done.   So, on that note, it’s safe to say that I took in every ounce of advice that I could possibly get during training and practice such as, “Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate,” “Double check your game day checklist,” “Give yourself more than enough time to arrive,” “Get your beauty rest” and of course, “Go over your routines because you do not know them as well as you think”.  One of the most valuable pieces of advice I received thus far as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader is  “Being early means being on time and being on time means being late.”  Those words will always linger in my mind as I prepare for practices, appearances, and especially game days.

After hydrating  (they don’t call it the Sunshine State for nothing!) and getting a good night’s sleep on Wednesday night, it was finally time to get into game day mode.  I made sure that I continued to hydrate as I ate a healthy breakfast to start my day off right.  I curled my hair, did my make-up, polished my boots, packed my bag and hopped in the car.  I was off to Sun Life Stadium, of course way earlier than my call time because Miami traffic can be a dreadful thing some days.

It’s always exciting arriving to the stadium on game day because the dedicated fans are piling into the parking lots as eager as I am for kickoff.  Prior to going out on the field with my team, we always circle up and link arms for a positive pep talk and prayer.  This moment works wonders on game day; it calms everyone down, it gets my head in the game, and it makes me so grateful to be on such an amazing cheerleading team for the best NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.  One last stretch and make-up touch up and it was time to hit the field!

This was the second home game for me being on the team but man oh man, it felt like the first time.  I honestly feel like every time I step foot onto this field will feel like the first time because it is the most amazing feeling in the entire world to see all of the smiling Dolfans out in the stands.  This game was particularly special to me because it was the first time my mom and my step-dad got to see me cheering on the field in uniform.

Our pregame performance went well and it was already second quarter. The Rams were in the lead but we didn’t get our hopes up.  Whenever I am on the sideline and I find myself getting hot or a little tired I just glance around me and think to myself how lucky I am to be here on this field right now working with this amazing organization.  The screaming fans, the hard-working players, my beautiful teammates, and the sunny skies above make me smile bigger than anything else could ever make me smile.

This final preseason game was so intense because the Rams were in the lead 13-0 until the fourth quarter.  With a little over six minutes left, the Dolphins rallied and beat the Rams 14-13.  The cheerleaders and fans were going absolutely wild. The Miami Dolphin’s Fight Song was blaring and that only means one thing…victory!  Moments like these make my life seem like such a dream, I couldn’t be more grateful.



Raquel Appreciates the Whole Season


Wow! The 10th home game of the season. I cannot believe time went by as fast as it did.  It sounds so cliché but to me it is still so surreal that I am able to cheer and perform in front of thousands of fans.  Cheering at every game always gives me a thrilling feeling but knowing this was our last home game of the season made this such an emotional day.

I started off with my regular routine waking up at 7:00am to get my hair and makeup ready and then car pool with my teammates.  Throughout the morning, my teammates were sending out text messages reminding us how long and memorable this journey has been and how grateful they were to have the team we have today.

Once I got to the stadium, I began unpacking my belongings and putting them in my locker. I just started looking around and started to take everything in and I smiled because of how happy I was to have experience this once in a lifetime opportunity with this organization.

Once the cheerleaders and I practiced our performances, we huddled up and prayed as we always do. It was a great moment for me and I really felt the energy. I was ecstatic to step onto the field for the last time as a rookie.

As we stepped on the field for our pre-game performance, I reminded myself of all the hard work I had put in order to be where I am standing today and it gave me such a warm feeling.  We then performed and got ready to split up into our groups.  My group and I did great. We were all just so excited. We were pumping up the crowd, dancing at all times and just enjoying the game.

This has been truly an amazing experience I will forever be grateful for the memories this journey has brought me.  My group ended up being group of the game and it was such a nice way to end this game.  Although we didn’t come out with a win it was a good game and we had such a great season full of heart and passion.  Hope to see you on the sidelines next season as a veteran, and remember FINS UP!


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