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Ariana from Hawaii – Day 7 and 8

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Day 8 –

This trip changed my life in so many ways! I got to experience Hawaii for the first time and I got to meet 25 beautiful girls who have the same passion I do. The memories I’ve made here will never be forgotten and I’m so glad my family was here to enjoy it with me. Being selected as the Pro Bowl Cheerleader has been the highlight of my year and I am so thankful for the group of girls I cheer with who selected me! I can’t wait until next year when another cheerleader gets to experience what this world is like.

Day 7 –

It’s game day!!! The day has finally come where I get to cheer with the best of the best! We’ve been practicing so hard for this day and it was all worth it. The fans were awesome and I was so excited to see Dolphin fans there! Surprisingly, there were a ton of them!  The AFC won and our very own Brandon Marshall was named MVP.  I couldn’t be prouder.  After the game we enjoyed a nice farewell dinner at Wolfgangs steak house and learned a hula dance!




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