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Incirlik, Turkey – AFE Tour

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After a full day of traveling we made it to Adana, Turkey from Greece! My fellow cheerleaders and I were welcomed into the country with what they call a carpet party! At Nuri’s Carpets, right outside of the military base, they were waiting for us with all kinds of Turkish cuisine for our choosing. Nuri began to demonstrate to us his carpets. He explained the difference between hand-made carpets and machine made are the names of the carpets which derive from the cities they were made in. A couple of us couldn’t resist and took a carpet home with us!

We rose with the sun the next morning on Incirlik Air Base, eager to meet our troops! We stopped all around base to say hi. My fellow MDC’s and I visited the flight line and those in the tower who couldn’t come down, so we went up! Visiting the Security Forces Squadron was also a real treat. In Incirlik’s diner/bowling alley we had an autograph signing and took photos with our service members! It’s always such a pleasant surprise to meet Dol-Fans all around the world! Mid afternoon we held a clinic for the young boys and girls stationed here with their families. The cheerleaders and I taught the girls a cheer and dance while the boys got to hang out with our alumni, Shawn Wooden and Troy Drayton, to learn some football tips and tricks! We ended the clinics and began our performance in their youth center gymnasium. It was such a joy to perform for the families at Incirlik Air Base! Our stay could not have been more enjoyable.

It was unfortunate that we could only stay a day before heading to our next tour destination. Incirlik was good to us! Bringing a piece of home to the families who travel many miles to serve our country is an indescribable feeling. Although it was a quick stay, many of those who I have met here have made an impact in my life and always be in my thoughts and prayers.


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