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Sigonella, Italy – AFE Tour

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As part of our 17 day Super Bowl tour we arrived at NAS Sigonella in Catania, Italy on January 25th.  This was my first military tour with the Miami Dolphins and my first time overseas!

Our performance for the United States Military at Sigonella was amazing.  After the performance we had the opportunity to talk with some of the service members whose stories touched our hearts.  We also had the opportunity to experience some of the Italian culture.

In the evening we toured Elephant Square which was absolutely beautiful!  We learned a great deal about the history and culture in Catania, Italy.  I especially enjoyed our stay in Italy because I am currently in college and have a minor in Italian so I had the opportunity to practice the language!  I felt extremely honored to be a part of this tour and had an unforgettable experience entertaining the troops in Italy!


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